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12/4/09 - Wisconsin Association for Justice Elects New Leaders for 2010 More

11/3/09 - "Sky is Falling" Tactics by Auto Insurance Industry Not Proving True More

10/27/09 - Family Justice Bill About Fairness and Equality More

4/23/09 - Statement by Mark Thomsen on Joint and Several Liability Poll More

4/6/09 - Insurance Companies Rank #1 in Consumer Complaints in Wisconsin More

4/2/09 - State Farm Agrees: Consumers Do Not Get the Insurance They Pay For More

3/31/09 - Insurance Companies Refuse to Pay Medical Bills – Families denied coverage they had paid for More

3/26/09 - Credit Profiling: The Real Threat to Low Income Insurance Holders – Legislation will ban insurance companies from profiling low income policy holders. More

3/24/09 - Wisconsin Drivers Do Not Get the Insurance Coverage They Pay For – Families denied, even with layers of insurance coverage More

3/10/09 - Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for Mandatory Auto Insurance in Wisconsin – 92% of Wisconsin voters support mandatory auto insurance More

3/9/09 - Insurance Industry Runs Away From "Hit & Run" Coverage – Truth in Auto Insurance provision would restore common sense to "hit & run" insurance policies More

3/5/09 - Auto Insurance Actions Force Higher Health Care Costs – Taxpayers and small businesses pay the price in higher health insurance premiums More

3/3/09 - Insurance Industry Math Deceives Consumers – "Truth In Auto Insurance" provision in state budget will guarantee accident victims the coverage they purchased. More

2/23/09 - Insurance industry math deceives consumers – "Truth in Auto Insurance" provisions in state budget will guarantee accident victims the coverage they purchased More

2/20/09 - Governor's budget provides another important safeguard for consumers – Return of joint and several liability ensures injured consumers not stuck with the bill More

2/20/09 - Consumers Win With Increased Protections: Benefit to Policy Holders Has Stayed Flat Since 1982, Despite Spikes in Auto, Health Care Costs More

2/19/09 - Governor Doyle stands up for consumers, Industry reacts with ridiculous claims – Insurance Industry Begins Campaign of Misinformation to Scare Public  More

2/18/09 - Wisconsin Association for Justice Hails "Truth in Auto Insurance" Provisions – Governor Doyle seeks to restore fairness and accountability to automobile policyholders  More

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