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12/23/11 - Attorney George Curtis Wins Lifetime Service Award from Wisconsin Association for Justice More

12/22/11 - Top 10 Attacks on Consumer Rights in Wisconsin for 2011 More

12/16/11 - Insurers Create Crises and Harm Consumers More

12/5/11 - WAJ Selects Milwaukee Lawyer Tim Trecek as the Robert L. Habush Trial Lawyer of the Year More

12/4/11 - Wisconsin Association for Justice Elects New Leadership for 2012 More

10/31/11 - When Will Governor's Anti-Consumer Agenda End?  More Bills on the Docket This Week to Erase Basic Rights More

10/21/11 - Consumers Get Less, Advantage to Big Businesses: Walker's Plan to Cut Interest Received on Judgments is Blatant Discrimination More

10/19/11 - Governor's Legislation to Limit Attorney Fees Would Restrict Consumers Access to Court More

10/12/11 - Three Bills From the Governor's Special Session Will Make Legal Environment More Difficult for Wisconsin Consumers More

10/7/11 - Governor's Special Session Bill Endangers Wisconsinites, Gives Immunity for Defective Drugs & Medical Devices More

9/29/11 - Governor's Special Session Tort "Reform" Agenda: No Job Creation or Benefit to Average Wisconsinites More

9/19/11 - Constitution Week and Juror Appreciation Month Affirm Important Rights to a Trial by Jury More

8/11/11 - WAJ Statement on the Death of Judge Terence Evans More

7/6/11 - Hazardous Highways Exemption Bill Will Not Provide More Funds for Local Governments More  

6/21/11 - Kyle Richmond Named New Director of Communications and Political Affairs More

4/15/11 – Governor Walker Misstates New Law on Auto Insurance Coverage More

4/12/11 - Governor Walker Signs Anti-Consumer Legislation More

4/5/11 - Repeal of Pro-Consumer Insurance Law Leaves Insurance Agents at Risk of Liability More 

3/8/11 - Assembly Poised to Enact Anti-Consumer Law More

2/25/11 - WAJ denounces assault on workers' rights More

2/16/11 - WAJ supports workers' rights, opposes anti-union legislation More

2/7/11 - Wisconsin Senate To Consider Biggest Anti-Consumer Legislation This Session More

2/1/11 - Auto Insurance Legislation Rolls Back Important Consumer Protections More

1/31/11 - WAJ Radio Ad Tells How Proposed Legislation Will Harm Consumers More

1/27/11 - WAJ criticizes signing of bill that limits rights of Wisconsin citizens More

1/20/11 - WAJ Criticizes Passage of Anti-Consumer Legislation More

1/18/11 - 'Truth in Auto Insurance' Repeal Hearing Scheduled at Breakneck Speed More

1/18/11 - Amendments to Special Session Bill 1 don't go far enough in protecting nursing home residents More

1/12/11 - WAJ Denounces Attempt to Repeal "Truth in Auto Insurance" Law More

1/12/11 - The Only Thing Being Created Under Gov. Walker's So-Called "Jobs Bill" Is Opposition To It More

1/6/11 - WMC misleads the public on the truth about Walker's special session bill More

1/4/11 - Rewarding Recklessness: Governor Walker's Message to Wisconsin Residents More

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