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Toys10 Worst, 100 Best Toys for 2012

Toys are supposed to bring joy and happiness to children, especially during the holidays. And most do so safely. But for the 200,000-plus kids injured on average each year and the 270 killed since 1998, happiness became a nightmare. Whether giving or receiving, learn the basics of toy safety. View Worst-Best Toys.

Food SafeFour Steps to a Food-Safe Holiday

Food is the Main Event at nearly every major cultural celebration and ritual, including Thanksgiving. With one flip of an egg timer, readers learn four simple steps to prevent foodborne illnesses. View Food-Safe Holiday.

Money2012 Voter's Guide to State Judicial Elections

State judicial races have become the new battleground in the ongoing assault against an individual's right to a fair trial. Big business and other narrow special interest groups are spending millions to pack the courts with judges who see things their way. Lost in the fray is the constitutional guarantee of a fair and impartial judiciary along with protections against medical malpractice, defective products, unsafe working conditions, unfair arbitration clauses and other malfeasance.
View Guide to Judicial Elections.

Keeping CoolFirst 10 Minutes, First 10 Hours:
What You Should Do After a Road Accident

Keeping cool after a road accident is understandably difficult, especially if there are injuries. However, being prepared can help as outlined in this guide on protecting the safety and legal rights of anyone involved in a road accident. Particularly popular is the free 10 Minutes, 10 Hours wallet card that many readers request – not only for themselves – but also for family members and friends. View 10/10 After a Road Accident.

Gas CanStop Exploding Gas Cans

Most of the plastic gas cans manufactured in the United States do not include a flame arrester, a 200-year-old invention that prevents a flame from backing up and igniting the fuel source. The result: more than 75 children, teenagers and adults have been horribly burned by exploding plastic gas cans since they were introduced in the mid-1980s. View Exploding Gas Cans.

Stars & StripesLiberties Threatened by “Tort Reform”

Most Americans aren’t aware that the Seventh Amendment, which guarantees our right to a trial by jury in civil cases, is currently under attack. Advocates of “tort reform” are pushing for an overhaul of our civil justice system, which is in stark opposition to the vision of our Founding Fathers. Also features a podcast interview with Andrew Cochran, conservative and editor of the 7th Amendment Advocate. View Liberties Threatened.

MotorcyclesMotorcycle Ridership Up and So Are Injuries

According to numerous government and industry sources, motorcycle ridership in the United States is at an all-time high. But while crash fatalities involving cars and light trucks are at an all-time low, motorcycle deaths nearly doubled from 1998 to 2010. You Should Know explores the many contributing factors that make motorcycles more dangerous than other vehicles, important insurance considerations, and safety tips for both riders and other drivers. View Motorcycle Safety.

BlindfoldedForced Arbitration is Forced Injustice

Trial attorneys know that forced arbitration is used by a growing number of businesses to insulate themselves from liability. Unfortunately, most Americans don't hear about forced arbitration until it is too late. This issue of You Should Know uncovers the pervasive use of these contract loopholes and the negative consequences for thousands of Americans. Also featuring a podcast interview on forced arbitration with Gary M. Paul, President of the American Association for Justice. View Forced Injustice.

GirlNational Distracted Driving Month

April 2012 marked National Distracted Driving Month with advocates, community leaders, educators and parents fanning out throughout the nation to raise awareness about the deadly prevalence of distracted driving. You Should Know highlights these efforts with a special look at EndDD, an advocacy group started by a trial lawyer whose daughter was killed by a distracted driver.
View Distracted Driving.

Can You Afford Your First Home?Scales

Spring is the ideal home-buying season. With the housing market finally showing some signs of life, we wanted to get first-time home buyers off to a good start. The March issue of You Should Know focuses on finding a mortgage and the house or condo that's right for you. View First-time Buyers.

WatchingWatching for Those Watching You Online

No one today can imagine living without the Internet. But as consumer advocates point out, many of us are dropping our guard and unintentionally sharing personal information with others. The consequences can be costly, embarrassing, annoying and, in some cases, even dangerous. You Should Know February explores ways to protect your online privacy. View Online Security.

Overcoming Brain Injuries in Youth SportsHeadsUp

Public health officials are sounding the alarm on what they are calling a national epidemic — an estimated 300,000 youth sports-related concussions each year. While most of these young gladiators make a full recovery, a growing number haven’t been so lucky. You Should Know January presents the Four Rs of sports concussions: recognize, remove, refer and return.
View Youth Concussions.


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