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Speeding Truck6 Tips to Shopping for Safe Toys

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) does not test all toys, and not all toys in stores or online meet CPSC standards. Trouble in Toyland, the definitive annual survey from the U.S. Public Interest Research Group, identified numerous toys out there right now that are toxic, create choking or strangulation hazards, are too loud or present other dangers. View Safe Toys

Social MediaOversharing Online Can Cost You

The old saying Loose lips sink ships has never been more true than now during the age of “everything on line.” Many people are discovering the hard way that what they share on social media can cost them a great job, entrance into a college, a promising relationship or even their day in court. View Oversharing Online

Speeding TruckTruck Accident Alert

After reaching an historic low in 2009, deaths and injuries from truck accidents are on the rise. According to a startling report from the American Association for Justice, lax practices are forcing a growing number of unsafe trucks on the road. You should know the facts and what is being done to protect all Americans. View Truck Accidents

Safety SeatsFive Mistakes to Avoid with Safety Seats

While 96 percent of parents and caregivers believe their child safety seats are installed correctly, research shows that seven out of 10 are improperly restrained. Learn about the importance of safety seats in preventing injuries and the five most common mistakes parents make when buckling up their kids in the family car. View Child Safety Seats

Justice ServedJustice Served Awards: Turning Tragedy into Service

The annual Justice Served Awards recognize the extraordinary accomplishments of those who have turned tragedy into crusades to protect the health, safety and legal rights of all Americans. The 2013 winners took on distracted driving, energy drinks, birth control implants and the rights of amputees. Each of their stories are truly inspirational and demonstrate that trial lawyers and their clients really do care. View Justice Served

KidsKid Safety and the Big Three Summertime Injuries

This You Should Know features advice on what we call the Big Three of summertime injuries: pools, bikes and playgrounds. These timeless tips and extensive resources can help you prevent serious injuries to the young ones in your life — scraped knees and grass stains notwithstanding, of courts. View Summertime Safety

StormsPrepare for Severe Weather Before Disaster Strikes

Even with advanced weather science to better predict storm conditions, Mother Nature still holds all the cards. And while violent storms grab all the headlines, more common severe weather like heat waves, heavy rain and lightning cause considerable casualties. Learn how to prepare for the worst and increase your chances of survival during any type of severe weather. View Severe Weather

BikingBike Safety Tips for Adults

Biking among adults has undergone somewhat of a renaissance in America, according to various transportation studies. And why not? Biking is great exercise, easy on the environment and perfect for sightseeing. But any time you mix bikes with motor vehicles, accidents can happen. View Bike Safety

Drug QuestionAmericans Vulnerable to Defective Generic Drugs

Because of a startling Supreme Court ruling, generic drug manufacturers cannot be held accountable in court for failing to warn consumers about deadly side-effects. Since 80 percent of the 4 billion prescriptions written in America are now filled with generics, You Should Know the facts and what consumer advocates are doing to stop this injustice. View Unsafe Generic Drugs

Proposed Changes to Wisconsin Law Unfair to Responsible Citizens

It’s often been said that no man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session. Well, look out! They’re at it again in Madison with bills that will change the Collateral Source Rule, a century-old law protecting Wisconsin citizens who have worked hard to pay for their health insurance. Worse yet, these legislative shenanigans will benefit drunk drivers and others who negligently cause injuries.  View Action Alert.

Eye InjuryElder Abuse Plagues an Aging America

The Golden Years for too many of our nation's elderly turn into a nightmare of physical, mental or financial abuse. According to the CDC, more than 500,000 adults over the age of 60 are suspected of being abused or neglected each year. Learn how to recognize the signs of elder abuse and help protect our most vulnerable citizens. View Red Flags of Elder Abuse

Home UnderwaterHomeowners Fall Prey to Foreclosure Fraud

Foreclosure fraud threatens the dream of home ownership for millions of Americans. Unfortunately many of the country's largest mortgage lenders are responsible for these damaging practices. Read about the cases against these lenders and how to protect yourself against mortgage fraud. View Inside Look at Foreclosure Fraud

ChildSafety, Cost Challenges to Quality Child Care

Finding affordable and safe day care has become a major challenge for working parents. Recent studies show that child care now exceeds the annual median rent in almost half of all states. But money means nothing if little Johnny or Judy doesn’t come home safely at day’s end. Serious inconsistencies in licensing, enforcement and training have created dangerous situations where thousands of kids are injured each year – some fatally – while in the care of others. View Guide to Safe Child Care

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