If you want to shape the course of legal education, the Wisconsin Association for Justice (WAJ) is looking for you.

WAJ’s Program Committee offers educational programs throughout the year on a variety of legal topics. Each year, our programs expand to meet the needs of membership. The Program Committee works continuously to enhance the quality and diversity of its programs.

You are invited to submit programming ideas for live CLE seminars and webinars.  Our members are our greatest resource. You can share your expertise and practice advice with other members of WAJ by submitting your presentation ideas.   Serving as faculty is one of the benefits of being a WAJ member and other members benefit from your skills as well.

In addition to our webinar offerings, we are seeking proposals for the following seminars: Spring Seminar, Summer Seminar & Golf Tournament, Women’s Caucus Retreat & Seminar and our Winter Seminar & Annual Meeting. 

Speaker Qualifications: You do not need to be a professional educator. As faculty for a WAJ legal education seminar, you only need to be willing and able to share your legal knowledge or experience with your professional colleagues.  

Presentation Criteria:  Keys to a successful presentation include a clear set of learning objectives, practical applications of the knowledge shared, an engaging presentation that encourages audience participation, and preparation of a well-referenced outline. WAJ’s Program Committee will work with selected speakers to refine presentations, including providing program planning guidelines and guidelines for reference material. All speakers must submit a written paper to supplement their presentations. Written course materials provide an added value for attendees and enhance the benefit of attending a WAJ CLE program.

Selection Process: Applications will be reviewed by WAJ’s Program Committees, a committee of WAJ members, who oversee education programs. If your application is selected for a speaking spot, you will be contacted by WAJ staff and receive more details. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and may be considered for future opportunities year after year.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Relevance to WAJ members
  • Practical application
  • Timeliness of the subject matter/topic

Submission Criteria:  If you would like to present at a WAJ seminar or wish to nominate a speaker, please submit the outlined information below. Please email the following to Bryan Roessler at

  1. Speaker contact information
  2. Program preference:  Webinar, Spring, Summer, Women’s Caucus, Winter, or other
  3. Who is the intended audience for your proposed session:  Attorney, Paralegal or other
  4. Title of presentation (can be edited before published)
  5. Session description: What knowledge or skills will attendees take away from your proposed session
  6. Proposed session length
  7. If this presentation has been given previously, indicate when and where
  8. If the session has multiple speakers please list speaker(s), including firms/companies, and bios and how each would contribute to the session
  9. All presenters are required to have written material to support the subject matter presented, although additional audio/visual material is strongly encouraged  
  10. If your presentation is accepted, you will be notified with a material due date. Failure to submit by this deadline may disqualify you from speaking at a seminar as we utilize this information for marketing and submission to the State Bar for CLE accreditation


The Verdict, a quarterly publication of the Wisconsin Association for Justice, is seeking article submissions.   

We’re asking you to submit articles that you think your peers would find thought-provoking and informational.  Contact Bryan at to discuss topic ideas, article length and print deadlines.

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