Letters to the Editor, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Keep Liability Changes
April 16, 2009 

The changes in joint and several liability and the Truth in Auto Insurance provisions should stay in the governor's budget.

The provisions are much needed pro-consumer reforms that will help prevent insurance companies from denying valid claims, forcing higher health insurance rates and increasing the costs for Medicaid, BadgerCare and, ultimately, the taxpayers.

Each year, there are hundreds of automobile accidents resulting in severe injury and death of Wisconsin individuals and families. When someone has no or not enough automobile insurance to cover the losses, the costs fall on families and taxpayers. That is not right. People who cause accidents should be held responsible.

The provisions in the state budget changing "joint and several liability" make sure that those responsible for causing an injury will be held accountable. Innocent injured people and their health insurers or the government shouldn't be left with piles of unpaid medical bills.

These budget provisions will protect policyholders and taxpayers, who certainly deserve our protection in these tough economic times if they are injured.

Mark L. Thomsen
President, Wisconsin
Association for Justice


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