Letters to the Editor, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Keep provisions in the budget
April 12, 2009 

The Journal Sentinel editorialized April 9 against keeping joint and several liability and the truth in auto insurance provisions in the governor's budget ("Afraid of scrutiny?").

Keep the items in the governor's budget. These provisions restore the long-held law on these issues to their pre-1994 status. As a fiscal example, since that time, rather than insurance companies paying for what they owe, consumers have been duped and the losses have fallen either on the public (Medicare, etc.) or private (health insurance, family, etc.) to pay when there are insufficient recoveries to compensation for an injury or death to someone through no fault of their own.

I know this firsthand as an attorney who helps people in these situations and can tell you that when there is an injury to someone, there is a loss that society pays, not just the injured. So the governor wisely recognized the fiscal impact of having liability insurance not being able to pass the buck on to taxpayers by not paying.

Jay A. Urban
Urban & Taylor S.C.


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