Thursday, May 16 2013


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Wisconsin Consumers Get Squeezed

MADISON, WI – Legislators introduced Assembly Bill 200 (AB-200) on Monday, to repeal Wisconsin’s current “Lemon Law,” a law that was originally designed to give the consumer a way to protect themselves against vehicle manufacturers when the car they bought turns out to be a “lemon.”  Cars and trucks that are lemons are defective and a danger to the safety of owners and other drivers.

Jeff Pitman, President of the Wisconsin Association for Justice said, “AB-200 is designed to strip all aspects of consumer protection, and protect the interest and bottom line of the vehicle manufacturers, leaving the consumer with no course of action when the vehicle they rely on to get to work and take their children to school is a defective. The proposal is the equivalent to taking David’s sling shot away as he fights Goliath.”

Since the law was created, vehicle manufacturers have been held accountable for vehicle safety and quality. Because the manufacturers have been held accountable, vehicles have become safer and more reliable over the last 30 years.

The proposed changes in the bill shorten the consumer’s time line to file a claim; limit what repairs would qualify the automobile as a lemon; eliminate the mandatory attorney fees; and would repeal mandatory double damages compensation for manufacturers who don’t meet the 30 day deadline to replace or refund the cost of the vehicle to the consumer, ultimately making the law meaningless to the consumer. 

Pitman concluded, “The law has been in place since the mid-eighties and was created to protect the rights of Wisconsin consumers and Wisconsin drivers, if indeed after a short period of time their vehicle turns out to be a defective maintenance nightmare. The proposed changes in AB-200 stands to bailout vehicle manufacturers by squeezing the consumer.  It hurts consumers and risks the safety of Wisconsin families.”



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