Limiting the Rights of Injured Consumers

**PLEASE OPPOSE Senate Bill 61 & Assembly Bill 128**

BILL: SB 61 & AB 128 - Sen. Ted Kanavas & Rep. Mark Honadel

ISSUE: Limiting the Rights of Injured Consumers


Background: This bill limits the right for injured consumers to take action against bad corporate actors and shields big business and bad corporate actors from maintaining responsibility for the safety of their products.

Reason for Opposition: When big businesses manufacture products that are a danger to the public they should not be shielded from bearing responsibility for their actions. 

By eliminating injured consumers' ability to hold an industry accountable in cases where they are unable to determine who specifically manufactured the product, this bill would grant immunity to bad corporate actors against the best interests of Wisconsin citizens

Two examples are toxic lead paint and a synthetic hormone (DES) commonly prescribed to pregnant mothers in the 1950s and 1960s.  Although the industry had reason to believe lead paint was dangerous, many companies ignored the signs in order to turn a profit.  Since 1987, over 100,000 children have been poisoned by lead paint in Wisconsin, and thousands more cases are reported each year. The children injured by lead paint face potentially lifelong medical costs

Although it was commonly prescribed to pregnant mothers, DES was never properly tested, even by standards of the time.  Mother who used DES and their children face a lifetime of potential medical dangers such as a higher risk of breast cancer, a higher risk of a rare vaginal cancer, reproductive problems and fertility problems.

Had this bill been in place at the time, the women and their children exposed to these dangerous products would not have been able to take on the bad corporate actors.

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