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The Only Thing Being Created Under Gov. Walker's So-Called "Jobs Bill" Is Opposition To It

MADISON, Wis. - Yesterday, the Wisconsin Legislature heard over nine hours of testimony on the first part of Gov. Scott Walker's so-called special session "jobs bill." Senate Bill 1 and Assembly Bill 1 contain across-the-board changes in Wisconsin's civil justice system which will reduce the rights of Wisconsin families who are harmed or die by the negligence of corporate-for-profit nursing homes and repeat drunken drivers.
The joint-committee heard compelling testimony against the bill from a number of citizens expressing their deep concerns for the bill as well as representatives from a number of public advocacy groups including: 

  • AARP of Wisconsin
  • Mother's Against Drunk Driving
  • Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups
  • Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans
  • Wisconsin Council on Children and Families
  • Disability Rights Wisconsin
  • Brain Injury Association of Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin State AFL-CIO
  • Citizen Action of Wisconsin

In addition, the committee also heard from prosecutors and judges in opposition to changing Wisconsin's rules for expert witnesses.

Mike End, President of the Wisconsin Association for Justice, said of the hearing, "The only thing being created under Gov. Walker's so-called 'jobs bill' is opposition to it. The more the public learns about this bill the more they realize its negative impact on Wisconsin families." 

Many of the individuals testifying told horrific stories of abuse and neglect of parents, siblings or children in nursing homes. The committee also heard heart wrentching stories of the loss of loved ones at the the hands of drunken drivers and negligent corporations; which in all cases would be harder to find the negligent party responsible and accountable under this bill.

"These individuals and groups represent hundreds of thousands of people from all across Wisconsin. They have come together to shed light on the misguided priorities of this bill," End said. "The Governor is trying to create a 'Boogie-Man' where none exists.Wisconsin is well within the mainstream of civil justice issues nationwide and the climate in the state is already recognized as pro-business." End continued, "There is no need for such drastic change to the civil justice system at the expense of so many innocent people."

"If the Governor wants to get serious about creating jobs, he should first focus on protecting the rights of the hard working families of Wisconsin - who are the resource he needs in order to create jobs," End concluded.

The Wisconsin Association for Justice stands with consumers to promote a fair and effective justice system for every citizen, not just the privileged and wealthy.

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