Pat Dunphy Acceptance Speech

WAJ President’s Award

December 5, 2015


Before I comment on the President’s Award I want to congratulate Rob Jaskulski on his being named Trial Lawyer of the year.

Let me be the first to congratulate Rob on this award.

I have known Rob a long time – worked with him on a case I co-tried with Ric Domnitz.

He is as smart as they come.

As dedicated and talented as they come.

Rob is well deserving of this award.

I have been a member of WAJ for 36 years.

I have been a foot soldier for WATL.

I was Program Director for years with Ric Domnitz.

I moved through the chairs and became President at a very trying time.

The first republican revolution in 1994.

I traveled the State holding meetings with members, editorial boards of newspapers in every major city in the state.

I have passed the baton to Mark Thomsen and Ed Robinson and witnessed their continuing commitment to WAJ.

Why do I mention this brief history?

Because I believe it will help you understand why this President’s Award means so much to me.

I am flattered, grateful and proud.

Flattered because I know it is only the second time it has been given to a member of WAJ.

I dare say I don’t deserve special recognition but I will embrace it.

Grateful to WAJ and the leaders of WAJ who worked to make the resurrection of this award a reality for me.  I am in your debt and a “thank you” is inadequate, but it is all that I have to give, So “Thank You.”

Proud because I firmly believe that a trial lawyer can zealously and successfully advance the client’s interest while treating opponents with respect, the court with deference and the jury as intelligent and determined to do the right thing. That has been my goal as a trial lawyer.

I choose to believe this award is WAJ’s way of saying that I have reached that goal. Thank you WAJ.

 I assure you the President’s Award will occupy a very prominent place at Cannon & Dunphy.

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