See the Award-Winning HBO Documentary "Hot Coffee" or Request a Speaker for Your Screening

The award-winning HBO documentary "Hot Coffee" made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011.  The film documents corporate America's attempts to limit the power of regular citizens to seek justice in the civil courts.

It explains the propaganda campaign cooked up by a Washington, D.C. public relations firm to skew public opinion against the outcome of a case involving McDonald's hot coffee and the serious injuries it caused to Stella Liebeck.

"Hot Coffee" will change your mind about civil justice.

The members of Wisconsin Association for Justice support educational outreach through the Wisconsin Civil Justice Education Foundation (WCJEF).

In 2011, the WCJEF donated copies of "Hot Coffee" to 160 public libraries in Wisconsin and, in 2012, the Foundation donated 135 "Hot Coffee" DVDs to public high schools.

If your community group would like to learn more about corporate attacks on the U.S. civil justice system, you can schedule a screening - and a speaker - through WAJ.

Contact WAJ at (608) 257-5741 or for more information.

Listen to the "Hot Coffee" radio announcement (August 2012)

See the "Hot Coffee" documentary trailer

Order your own copy of "Hot Coffee"


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