FOR Immediate Release: Thursday, September 29, 2011
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Governor’s Special Session Tort “Reform” Agenda:No Job Creation or Benefit to Average Wisconsinites

Proposed Legislation Would Limit Individual Rights

MADISON, WI – Governor Scott Walker’s agenda for a special legislative session for job creation
includes legislation that would create no jobs, and would unnecessarily limit the individual rights of Wisconsin citizens.

Wisconsin Association for Justice (WAJ) President Mike End today said the proposed special session agenda is disappointing and more of the same tort “reform” agenda.

“They passed similar legislation in January under the guise of creating jobs,” End said.  “We told them at the time it would produce no new jobs, and it hasn’t.  Now they want to do more of the same.”

“The initial list of proposed legislation would provide immunity for drug companies, limit attorneys fees, and reward insurance companies,” End said.  “Average citizens are not going to
benefit at all.”

“I am disappointed that the Governor continues to push legislation under the guise of job creation that will really limit an injured person’s right to go to court, and interfere with a person’s right to choose her own lawyer and pay them as agreed.”

End pointed out that the continuing campaign for so-called tort “reform,” supported by the Governor, is really about limiting an individual’s right to seek justice.

“Providing more immunity to corporations merely passes the costs of damages on to the injured individual and the taxpayers,” End said.  “Restricting a person’s right to go to court has nothing to do with supporting small businesses and workers to create jobs in Wisconsin.”


The Mission of the Wisconsin Association for Justice is to promote a fair and effective justice system - one that ensures justice for all, not just a privileged few.

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