Nationwide Ad Campaign Highlights the Need for Truth In Auto Insurance
State Farm, one of the nation’s largest auto insurers, is conducting a nationwide television advertising campaign that highlights the fact that when it comes to auto insurance, insurance companies are not giving consumers what they think they are paying for.
“This is exactly the point that Governor Doyle’s budget provision on auto insurance makes,” said Mark Thomsen, President of the Wisconsin Association for Justice.
The tongue in cheek ads feature a variety of situations where consumers do not get what they paid for. The situations depicted in the commercials include a hot dog vendor who does not include the bun, popsicles that do not include the stick, a car wash without the rinse, a rental bike without a seat and a shoeshine that only does one shoe.
“State Farm Insurance’s nationwide television campaign telling people that they are not getting what they pay for confirms the need for the Governor’s proposals,” Thomsen added. “State Farm’s campaign taps into the frustration that consumers have with an insurance industry that has taken billions of dollars in premiums from policyholders, but still refuses to give people the insurance benefits they paid for.”
In the hot dog ad, a vendor hands the customer a hot dog without a bun and declares, “I sell what I say – hot dogs – I’m not a bun salesman.” The ad ends with the tagline “Is your insurance company selling you a hot dog without the bun?”
Another ad has a customer staring in disbelief at his soap covered car while the attendant declares, “you asked for a car wash, not a car wash and rinse.” The ad then asks, “Is your insurance company giving you a car wash without the rinse?”
The theme of the campaign is to ask consumers if your insurance company is giving you less than you expected.
“While the ads are funny, they do highlight the reality that insurance companies do not give people protection they paid for,” Thomsen added. “Far too often, people do not find this out until it’s too late, and that’s not funny, it is devastating to injured consumers and their families, hurt by insurance company shell games.”
The Truth in Auto Insurance provision included in the state budget will ensure that when a Wisconsin driver buys insurance, they will get what they pay for; protecting themselves in the event of an accident and having the coverage needed to pay for medical bills and damages.
Mark Thomsen is the President of the Wisconsin Association for Justice. The Wisconsin Association for Justice stands with consumers to promote a fair and effective justice system for every citizen, not just the privileged and wealthy.
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