2011 WAJ Tort & Technique Update Seminar in Madison

WAJ President gives an interview to Wisconsin Radio Network, 9/30/11Susan Saladoff speaks with Joy Cardin on Wisconsin Public Radio, 9/30/2011Susan Saladoff speaks to UW Madison Law School students, 9/30/2011Susan Saladoff on Wisconsin Public Radio, 9/30/2011Justice Fund reception with Joe Strohl, Mark Miller and Mike End, 9/30/11Sen. Mark Miller, Chris Bremer Muggli, Susan Saladoff and Joe Strohl at Justice Fund reception, 9/30/11WAJ member Angela Dentice at the Justice Fund reception, 9/30/11

Nearly 300 people attended the WAJ screening of Center for Media & Democracy Director Lisa Graves spoke to the crowd at WAJ's WAJ Treasurer helps with questions from the crowd, WAJ Susan Saladoff speaks to the crowd at the WAJ screening of her film Lisa Graves, director of the Center for Media & Democracy, spoke to the crowd at WAJ's A crowd of nearly 300 listened to speakers at WAJ's screening of

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