For Immediate Release

WAJ Criticizes Passage of Anti-Consumer Legislation

MADISON, Wis. - Mike End, President of the Wisconsin Association for Justice, released the following statement today regarding the passage of Special Session Bill 1.

"We are disappointed that this anti-consumer bill has passed the legislature. Being accountable for the injuries they cause is no longer a concern for the corporations in this state. It is a sad day for Wisconsin citizens, especially nursing home residents who are neglected and abused. Abusers just got a get-out-of-jail card. Passage of this bill puts nursing home residents and their families at risk, all in the name of "job creation." Instead of actually doing something to create jobs, this legislation puts all of us at risk. The members of the Wisconsin Association for Justice will continue to fight for the rights and well being of all Wisconsin citizens so that they may obtain the justice they deserve."

The Wisconsin Association for Justice stands with consumers to promote a fair and effective justice system for every citizen, not just the privileged and wealthy.

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