2011 Wisconsin Trial Lawyer of the Year
Milwaukee Attorney Tim Trecek Receives the Honor

Milwaukee attorney Timothy Trecek received the Robert L. Habush Trial Lawyer of the Year Award Friday from the Wisconsin Association for Justice (WAJ) at its annual dinner in Milwaukee.

Trecek was cited by his peers for outstanding work on notable personal injury cases in Wisconsin.  His award read, “Who through his work demonstrates a compassion and commitment to advocacy on behalf of injured consumers.”

Since 2005, Trecek has taught Advanced Trial Practice at Marquette University Law School.  On Friday evening, Trecek reminded his colleagues why personal injury attorneys pursue their calling.

“We give voice to those who either have no voice or have a voice so faint and so frail, it would be drowned out by the forces of money and power,” Trecek said.  “Whether you work on cases with a value of $900 or $99 million…Your talents and efforts are creating a more just society.”
Trecek has been a member of the Habush, Habush and Rottier law firm since 1995, and is a managing partner of both its Milwaukee and West Bend offices.  He specializes in all types of personal injury litigation, including automobile defects, construction accidents, misfilled prescriptions, and brain injury.

Trecek also honored the namesake for the award.

“I’ve had the unparalleled gift of working with, watching and learning from Bob, every day for the last 17 years.  My 17 years of gawking are but a blip on his sterling 50 years of fighting the good fight.”

WAJ established the Robert L. Habush Trial Lawyer of the Year Award in 2000 to recognize a trial lawyer who has made contributions to the trial bar by handling a case involving a significant change in the law or a precedent-setting suit, or by donating time on a committee or project that benefited injured consumers. The award is named in honor of Robert L. Habush for his years of dedication and commitment to the fight for the rights of accident victims nationwide and for the tremendous time and energy he has devoted to WAJ.


The mission of the Wisconsin Association for Justice is to promote a fair and effective justice system - one that ensures justice for all, not just a privileged few.

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