WMC Meeting to Spread False Information, Give Marching Orders
GOP Front Group Prepares to Overwhelm Voters With False, Negative Ads

MADISON - The Wisconsin Association for Justice (WAJ) today railed against a Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) meeting held in Madison this morning to discuss WMC's plans to deceive voters and buy a Supreme Court seat this April.  It is expected that WMC will spend upwards of $4 million dollars falsely attacking Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler before Election Day.

"WMC is trying to eliminate impartial justices on the Supreme Court and replace them with ones more sympathetic to their cause," said WAJ President Christine Bremer Muggli.  "WMC wants the views of big businesses and corporate CEOs to prevail over those of consumers - and they're trying to buy a seat on the Supreme Court to make it happen."

WMC's efforts in the 2008 Supreme Court race thus far have focused around their flawed theory that the Court's decisions are hurting Wisconsin's business climate.  Contrary to their rhetoric, a recent study conducted by WMC itself shows that Wisconsin manufacturing CEOs rank so-called "lawsuit abuse" as the least of the business concerns facing their company, right behind "other".  Even a 2007 U.S. Chamber of Commerce study said Wisconsin's liability climate was getting better for businesses.

"Wisconsin Manufacturing Survey 2006"

17. What is the top business concern facing your company?

  • Health care costs - 34.57%
  • Competition - 6.05%
  • Labor shortage - 12.35%
  • Energy - 9.88%
  • Regulation - 8.64%
  • Economic slowdown - 8.64%
  • Taxes - 6.17%
  • Other - 2.47%
  • Lawsuit abuse - 1.23%

"WMC wants to weaken even the most basic legal protections; stacking the deck against everyday Wisconsinites in the name of higher profits," said Bremer Muggli.  "Voters should reject WMC's tactics and misleading rhetoric on Election Day."

Speakers at today's meeting, WMC President Jim Haney and WMC Vice President of Government Relation Jim Buchen, will give marching orders to those in attendance.  The two are considered architects of WMC previous successful efforts to purchase political offices - in the 2007 Supreme Court and 2006 attorney general campaigns. 

"Anyone injured by the misconduct or negligence of others should be able to seek justice, even when taking on the most powerful interests," said Bremer Muggli.  "For most people our courts serve as the only way to hold wrongdoers accountable.  WMC knows it, and that's why they are doing whatever it takes to buy a seat on the Supreme Court."

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