Assessor's Immunity

**PLEASE OPPOSE Senate Bill 148**

  SB 148 - Sen. Roger Breske & Rep. Al Ott

Assessor's Immunity


Background: This bill allows for two things: (1) it would exempt assessors and their staff from trespassing laws while doing their job, and (2) restricts the ability of assessors and their staff to access the civil justice system if injured or killed while doing their job. 

Reason for Opposition: To legislate that a person must undertake certain duties at work, and at the same time remove their ability to seek justice through the courts when injured performing these duties is unfair.

The right for access to the courts is a core of our democracy.  Courts are places where anyone can seek justice and the public, not private parties, weigh facts. It is unfair for today's assessors to give away the basic right to seek redress in the courts for future generations of assessors.

Legislation that unfairly and unnecessarily restricts the right to seek justice through our court system, as a provision of the bill does, is against the best interests of the public. 

While the Academy opposes this bill in its current state, we would support an amendment that would eliminate the immunity provisions.  We do not object to the provision exempting assessors and their staff from trespassing laws while assessing land.

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