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Election Protection
There’s little doubt that this fall’s election is one of the most important in our lifetime. That statement has been said in past years, but with a crucial campaign for President underway and the real opportunity to take back the state Assembly it has never been more accurate.

In Wisconsin there have already been numerous reports and concerns raised regarding potential abnormalities on Election Day. As members of the legal community it is our duty to ensure that November’s elections are carried out in a way that ensures those who are eligible to vote are able to do so without fear and intimidation.

WAJ needs your help as a volunteer for the Wisconsin Election Protection program. Partner organizations and WAJ members are gearing up to provide support for voters throughout Wisconsin and ensure that all voters have access to the polls, free from intimidation and harassment.

The New Lawyers Section has made a commitment to WAJ to help locate and coordinate lawyer-poll watchers. As WAJ members spread the word about volunteer opportunities in your area, please consider taking part. Your legal skills and assistance are invaluable in making certain that voters in Wisconsin are not disenfranchised. With everyone’s combined efforts we can be successful in making sure that every vote counts. Please help us spread the word!

Here’s how you can help:

  • If you are able to assist in the metro-Milwaukee area contact WAJ member, email Ann Jacobs for information on how to get involved.
  • For members outside the metro-Milwaukee area, click here to get involved in your area.

TrialSmith Offers Free Brief and Document Downloads
TrialSmith provides unique investigative tools and services to help plaintiff lawyers achieve successful outcomes for their clients. In February of 2008, the WAJ site was integrated with TrialSmith and has since grown into a key member resource. A single search at www.WisJustice.org links you to these private documents and databases.

As a WAJ member, it is free to search TrialSmith’s databases. Simply go to www.WisJustice.org and click “Search” on the homepage – choose a database to search on the following page. Subscribing to TrialSmith gives you 12 months of unlimited access, enhanced search features, and reduced document pricing. WAJ members also receive exclusive discounts on TrialSmith subscriptions.

The WAJ Brief Bank helps members exchange Briefs, Pleadings, Motions, Interrogatories and other types of documents.  There is no charge to download documents contributed by other WAJ members.

Briefs & Motions will contain a variety of documents contributed by plaintiff attorney members of state trial lawyer associations and litigation groups from all over the country. These typically include briefs, pleadings, motions, CVs, IMEs and so on. Any documents that contain your search terms will appear as matches under the association from which they originated.

Freely exchange or find briefs, pleadings, motions, IMEs, CVs and other documents filed in court proceedings. All you have to do is go to www.WisJustice.org and click the search tab at the top right corner and under the “TrialSmith Search Tools” click “Search Expert Depositions.” On the left hand column under WAJ Documents you can click on “Document Bank” and can either search or upload briefs, pleadings, forms and other documents.

Benefits of Contributing Depositions
Create your own free archive of transcripts at www.WisJustice.org by sending your documents (both paper and electronic) to TrialSmith. They’ll convert all of your transcripts into searchable PDFs for free. As a bonus, you’ll earn a $5 credit for each document you send – use these to purchase any of the 350,000 other depositions available at the WAJ site. Call 800-443-1757 or go to www.TrialSmith.com for more information.


Tort seminar.
Register today for the annual Tort & Technique Update Seminar to be held Friday, October 24 at The Edgewater Hotel in Madison. Topics to be presented include a subrogation update and WAJ’s popular “short shot” series featuring everything from obtaining effective expert results to nursing home arbitration agreements. For more information on the program topics and presenters, click here.

Winter Seminar & Annual Meeting is just around the corner.
Mark your calendars for the annual WAJ Winter Seminar & Annual Meeting  on Dec. 5-6 at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee! A block of rooms are available at a discounted rate for WAJ members. Reserve yours before Nov. 12 by calling 414-273-8222. The program once again features WAJ past presidents as well as Russ Herman, AAJ past-president and nationally recognized trial expert, and Professor Joseph Margulies of the Northwestern University School of Law. Professor Margulies’ presentation is titled “Protecting Guantanamo” while Attorney Herman’s presentation is titled “Storytelling and Winning at Trial: Rhetoric, Oratory & Psychology.” Online registration will soon be open so check our website, www.WisJustice.org, regularly.

Join the Justice Fund.
Join WAJ’s conduit for political giving and make a difference in the elections this fall. The 2008 fall elections are at a critical juncture that will guide our state for years to come and WAJ members have an opportunity to have a tremendous impact. If our conduit is successful we will be in a much better place to help elect pro-civil justice candidates and ensure access to justice.  In order for that to happen WAJ needs you to join your colleagues by signing up. Building the participation in the Justice Fund is a top priority and WAJ is counting on your help in this important effort. For more information or to sign up, click here.

Justice Fund

Member-Get-A-Member Program
WAJ is rewarding members for every new member they recruit. Under our Member-Get-A-Member program anyone who recruits a new member will earn a $20 Starbucks gift card. Members can even earn free registration to any one-day WAJ CLE seminar by recruiting three new members! For information on WAJ’s member benefits, click here. For a copy of the WAJ membership form, click here.




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