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WAJ circulates a monthly column to newspapers across the state highlighting civil justice and consumer protection issues. Below is a link to the January column discussing WMC’s efforts to buy Supreme Court seats.

In addition to our monthly columns, the WAJ team has renewed its focus on press communications discussing the public’s right to access our justice system. Below are a few stories generated by WAJ this month.

If you see our column or stories about WAJ in your local paper please let us know by emailing Adam Collins.

Introducing www.WisJustice.org!
The Wisconsin Association for Justice online has a new home, www.WisJustice.org. For the next few months we will highlight a different section of the new website, offering a glimpse of the many features available to members.

This month we are highlighting the “Members” section. In order to access the information housed on this portion of the website you will need the username and password emailed to you by TrialSmith on February 4. If you have forgotten or lost this information please email Barbara Moubry.

As the name suggests, this section of www.WisJustice.org is dedicated solely to WAJ members. Archives of past articles from The Verdict, information on the WAJ listservs and committees, legislative reports from WAJ’s lobbyist and a database of verdicts and settlements are all items available to members on www.WisJustice.org.

Verdicts and Settlements
A special new feature on www.WisJustice.org is the “Verdicts and Settlements” database found on the “Members” page. We have heard from many of you that access to such a database, including dollar amounts, would be extraordinarily helpful to you in your practice. In an effort to better serve you we have created this self-reporting database of verdicts and settlements, which does include dollar amounts. This section is self-reporting, and will only work if members report their own verdicts and settlements

New Online Advertising Opportunities
www.WisJustice.org offers another unique tool by offering sponsorships of the website. Sponsor ads can be viewed on each page of the website, including the home page. This affordable method of advertising can help attract potential customers and clients to your website. Email Barbara Moubry for more information.

2008 Supreme Court Race
We’ve all heard it before, but this time it’s true. This year’s Supreme Court race is the most important of our lifetime, maybe the most important ever.

Our state’s fair, neutral, impartial, non-partisan judiciary is facing an all out attack by WMC and big business interests who hope to erode consumer protections and the average person’s ability to access the civil justice system in their time of need.

Keep an eye on your email over the next few months for important updates on the 2008 Supreme Court race and how you can get involved.

Bill Gleisner for District II Court of Appeals
The Wisconsin Association for Justice is privileged to endorse the candidacy of Bill Gleisner to the District II Court of Appeals.  Bill has been a stalwart member of WAJ.  His scholarship and commitment to fighting for justice, will make Bill an excellent Judge.  Bill needs your help now.  Visit his website, http://gleisnerlaw.com/ to contribute and learn how to get more involved.

Jury Instruction on Collateral Sources Is Not Revised
The Wisconsin Civil Jury Instruction Committee met on January 24 and 25 and after discussing the issue, concluded that Wis. JI-Civil 1756 as published in the 2008 supplement to Wisconsin Jury Instructions - Civil does not need revision. The Wisconsin Association for Justice's Jury Instruction Committee sent a letter to the Civil Jury Instruction Committee, which was crucial in providing information that the current rule correctly applied the Leitinger v. Dbart case. Click here to read more.

State Senate Action
The State Senate passed two important pieces of legislation last week that help ensure access to justice − SB 126 (eliminating the 180-notice requirement in medical malpractice cases against government facilities) and SB 171 (calling for public funding of Supreme Court campaigns). (See press release.) On February 28 the Senate will take up the Jury Sunshine bill, SB 319. The bill would allow jurors to know the effect of their verdict. Please contact your area legislators and ask them to support this legislation. You can find your legislators’ contact information by clicking here. To watch a video of a hearing on the bill click here.

The Justice Fund
The Justice Fund conduit is our new streamlined method for political giving. We are encouraging all WAJ members to sign up and participate to help elect pro-justice candidates to the state legislature. To email a request for more information on the Justice Fund or to sign up, click here.

Join the Justice Fund

WAJ Spring Seminar
The WAJ spring seminar, The Best Trial Strategies for 2008, is fast approaching. The seminar will be held Friday, March 7 at the Radisson Hotel and Conference Center, Green Bay. Make your reservation now to hear Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice N. Patrick Crooks address attendees as well as the respective attorney or paralegal sessions. For more information, click here.

WAJ Feedback
We at WAJ are refocusing our efforts to serve you better through projects like this monthly e-newsletter, our new website and our revised publication The Verdict. We welcome your comments on all our efforts and suggestions on those you would like to see. If you have any comments please email Adam Collins.

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New WAJ Contact Information
Update your address book with the new WAJ contact information. While our email addresses have changed, our mailing address, phone and fax numbers will remain the same.

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