Juror Sunshine Act

**PLEASE SUPPORT Senate Bill 319**

 November 20, 2007

SB 319 - Sen. Lena Taylor and Rep. Tamara Grigsby

Juror Sunshine Act


Background: This bill would require judges to instruct jurors on the meaning and impact of their verdicts.  Wisconsin is one of only a few states that currently does not allow jurors to be informed on the outcome their decision will create.

Reason for Support: In order for our legal system to operate in a fair and just manner, it is critical for jurors to understand the ramifications of their decisions.  

Under current law, jurors are forced to guess at the results of their findings after listening to arguments using unfamiliar terms that are not explained.  Leaving jurors in the dark about the outcome of their verdict creates the potential for disastrous results.  A jury meaning to reach a verdict with a particular outcome may find the result is the opposite, but only after it is too late.  The law must be changed so juries are not made to reach verdicts without an understanding of the consequences.

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