WAJ Committees


  • Noah D. Domnitz, Milwaukee (Term ends February 28, 2017)
  • Robert L. Jaskulski, Milwaukee (Term ends July 31, 2017)
  • Jay A. Urban, Milwaukee (Term ends July 31, 2019)

Past AAJ Governors

2011: Robert L. Habush (AAJ President)
2010: Edward J. Vopal
2007: John C. Peterson
2006: M. Angela Dentice
2003: Daniel A. Rottier
2000: Thomas K. Guelzow
2000: D. James Weis
1994: Paul J. Scoptur
1992: Merrick R. Domnitz
1991: George W. Curtis
1991: Willard P. Techmeier
1989: Raymond E. Schrank
1988: Curtis M. Kirkhuff
1985: James A. Johnson
1980: David A. Saichek
1978: Michael I. Tarnoff


  • Robert J Welcenbach, Milwaukee (Term ends July 31, 2018)
  • Heath P. Straka, Madison (Term ends July 31, 2017)

Past State Delegates

2016 Thomas W Kyle
2012 Jill A. Rakauski

2011 Jeffrey  Zirgibel
2010 Mark L. Krueger
2009 Scott B. Taylor
2008 Jeffrey  Zirgibel
2006 Howard S. Sicula
2005 Jason T. Studinski
2004 Mark L. Krueger
2003 Steven H. Schinker
2002 Frank T. Pasternak
2001 Jay A. Urban
2000 Joel W. Brodd
1998 Ralph J. Tease
1997 Jeffrey A. Pitman
1996 John D. Murray
1995 M. Angela Dentice
1994 Robert B. Moodie
1994 Christine Bremer  Muggli
1993 Paul J. Scoptur
1992 Mark A. Peterson
1991 Douglas W. Kammer
1989 John C. Peterson
1988 George W. Curtis
1987 Michael F. Hupy
1986 Phillip M. Steans
1985 Thomas K. Guelzow
1985 Raymond E. Schrank
1984 James A. Johnson
1983 Howard A. Davis
1983 James J. Murphy

Purpose:  Review issues of interest to WAJ members, which are on appeal and file amicus curiae briefs in appropriate cases. Additionally, the Amicus Committee will keep other committees informed of issues and particular areas of interest which would affect their activity. 

Amicus Executive Committee:

  • Co-Chair, Lynn R. Laufenberg, Milwaukee
  • Co-Chair, D.  James Weis, Rhinelander


  • Jesse B. Blocher, Waukesha
  • Michael Cerjak, Milwaukee
  • William C. Gleisner, III, Milwaukee
  • Martha H. Heidt, River Falls
  • Robert L. Jaskulski, Milwaukee
  • Mark L. Thomsen, Brookfield
  • Susan R. Tyndall, Waukesha
  • Peter M. Young, Wausau

WAJ Liaison - Jim Rogers, Government Affairs Director (608) 210-3391          

Purpose:  The Wisconsin Association for Justice Employment/Civil Rights Committee consists of lawyers with a practice emphasis in employment law and civil rights. These same lawyers have a passionate desire to see justice done for those harmed in the workplace or by an abuse of government power. The chief function of the Employment/Civil Rights Committee is education. Its members will regularly write articles for themselves and for the WAJ’s larger membership, keeping the members appraised of new developments in the law and new strategies for a better law practice. The Committee will also speak at WAJ seminars and interact with other like-minded organizations. The Committee will meet by phone four times per year, roughly six weeks before each of the WAJ’s major seminars. The Committee’s members will make themselves available as “sounding boards” to the other Committee members, and they will answer questions from the broader membership as they arise.

Walter F. Kelly, Co-Chair, Milwaukee 
Paul A. Kinne, Co-Chair, Madison

  • Robert Kasieta, Madison
  • Gordon R. Leech, Milwaukee
  • Amy F. Scarr, Madison 
  • Scott L. Schroeder, Janesville
  • Mark L. Thomsen, Brookfield

WAJ Liaison - Jim Rogers, Government Affairs Director (608) 210-3391      
Purpose:  To provide a network to discuss changes/ modifications to civil jury instructions; and provide an informational clearinghouse to the membership relating to civil jury instructions. 

Michael L. Laufenberg, Co-Chair, Milwaukee 
Jesse B. Blocher, Co-Chair, Milwaukee 

  • Michael C. Ablan, LaCrosse
  • Michelle F. Achterberg Welch, Eau Claire
  • David Deda, Phillips 
  • Kenan J. Kersten, Milwaukee 
  • Lynn R. Laufenberg, Milwaukee
  • Jeff Scott Olson, Madison
  • Amy M. Risseeuw, Appleton
  • Timothy T. Sempf, Amery 
  • Keith R. Stachowiak, Milwaukee
  • Willard P. Techmeier, Milwaukee
  • Kent A. Tess-Mattner, Brookfield
  • Mark S. Young, Milwaukee

WAJ Liaison - Jim Rogers, Government Affairs Director (608) 210-3391 

Purpose:  This committee will exist for the purpose of soliciting, receiving, holding, administering and disbursing political contributions from lawyers and other persons to candidates for political or public office who express support for the purpose for which this trust is established. 

Christine Bremer Muggli, Wausau, Chair

  1. Russell T. Golla, Stevens Point
  2. Ann Jacobs, Milwaukee
  3. Charlie Domer, Milwaukee
  4. Noah Domnitz, Milwaukee
  5. Robert L. Jaskulski, Milwaukee
  6. Edward Robinson, Brookfield
  7. Kristen S. Scheuerman, Appleton
  8. Heath P. Straka, Madison
  9. Mark Thomsen, Brookfield
  10. Jay Urban, Milwaukee
  11. Benjamin Wagner, Milwaukee
  12. Beverly Wickstrom, Eau Claire

WAJ liaison Bryan Roessler, Executive Director, bryan@wisjustice.org

Purpose:  This committee will exist for the purpose of soliciting, receiving, holding, administering and disbursing political contributions and gifts from lawyers and other persons to candidates for political or public office who express support for the purpose for which this trust is established. 

Benjamin S. Wagner, Milwaukee, Chair

  • Jeffrey A. Pitman, Milwaukee
  • Ann S. Jacobs, Milwaukee
  • Robert L. Jaskulski, Milwaukee
  • Heath S. Straka, Madison
  • Russell T. Golla, Stevens Point
  • Christine Bremer Muggli, Wausau

WAJ liaison Bryan Roessler, Executive Director, bryan@wisjustice.org

Purpose:  Review and monitor legislative proposals introduced in the Wisconsin legislature which in any way may affect the rights of individuals.  Committee members will prepare position papers on particular legislative measures and assist in securing witnesses to testify before legislative committees as directed and coordinated by WAJ's leadership.

Robert L. Jaskulski, Milwaukee, Co-Chair
Mark L. Thomsen, Brookfield, Co-Chair

  • Bruce R. Bachhuber, Green Bay          
  • Christine Bremer Muggli, Wausau                       
  • George W. Curtis, Oshkosh
  • M. Angela Dentice, Milwaukee
  • Charles Domer, Milwaukee            
  • Merrick R. Domnitz, Milwaukee   
  • Gregory J. Egan, III, La Crosse          
  • J. Michael End, Milwaukee          
  • Paul Gagliardi, Salem              
  • Russell T. Golla, Stevens Point      
  • Thomas K. Guelzow, Eau Claire         
  • Robert L. Habush, Milwaukee 
  • Ann S. Jacobs, Milwaukee  
  • Lynn R. Laufenberg, Milwaukee          
  • Kevin Lonergan, Appleton
  • Kristen Lonergan, Wausau         
  • Steven M. Lucareli, Eagle River  
  • Jeffrey  A. Pitman, Milwaukee
  • John C. Peterson, Appleton
  • Edward  E. Robinson, Brookfield       
  • Daniel A. Rottier, Madison 
  • Michael S. Siddall, Appleton          
  • Christopher D. Stombaugh, Platteville 
  • Heath P. Straka, Madison    
  • Edward J. Vopal, Green Bay
  • Benjamin S. Wagner, Milwaukee
  • Beverly Wickstrom, Eau Claire                  

WAJ liaisons:Bryan Roessler, Executive Director,  bryan@wisjustice.org &  Jim Rogers, Government Affairs Director (608) 210-3391 

The New Lawyers Section was created in order to provide greater opportunities for new lawyers within WAJ to exchange ideas, formulate programs and network within the profession in an effort to become better advocates for injured consumers. 

Chair:   Kristen Scheuerman, Appleton
Vice-Chair:  Patrick Bomhack, Milwaukee

Past Chairs:

  • Christopher J. MacGillis (2016)
  • Kristen Lonergan (2015)
  • Eric Knobloch (2014)
  • Noah Domnitz (2013)
  • Peter Young (2012)
  • Jeanne Ellen Bell (2011)
  • Jason R. Oldenburg (2010)
  • Erin Patterson (2009)
  • Benjamin S. Wagner (2008)
  • Lance R. Trollop (2007)
  • Jonathan P. Groth (2006)
  • Heath Straka (2005)
  • Anthony J. Skemp (2004)
  • Jason T. Studinski (2003)
  • Michael. L. Laufenberg (2002)
  • Mary Taylor Lokensgard (2001)
  • Frank T. Pasternak (2000)
  • Jay A. Urban (1999)

WAJ liaison, Bryan Roessler, Executive Director, bryan@wisjustice.org

Purpose: The nominating committee shall nominate a slate of candidates for Officers and Directors which shall be submitted to the membership not less than 45 days prior to the annual convention.

  • Benjamin S. Wagner, President, Milwaukee
  • Russell T. Golla, Immediate Past President, Stevens Point
  • Heath P. Straka, President Elect, Madison
  • TBD
  • TBD

WAJ liaison, Bryan Roessler, Executive Director, bryan@wisjustice.org

The Affiliated Unit was formed to build a better attorney/paralegal-legal assistant partnership. 

Co-Chair:  Sara Sweda, Milwaukee
Co-Chair: Elizabeth Cooney, Milwaukee

WAJ liaison - Bryan Roessler, Executive Director, bryan@wisjustice.org

Past Chairs:

  • Sara Sweda, Milwaukee (2014)
  • Corinne Dulak, Milwaukee (2013)
  • Jennifer Kovacovich, Milwaukee (2012)
  • Miranda E. Grulke, Milwaukee (2011)
  • Corinne R. Dulak, Milwaukee (2010)
  • 2009 - Vacant
  • Marianne D. Davidson, Milwaukee (2008)
  • Cindy Homer, Watertown (2007)
  • Nicole J. Toay, Watertown (2006)
  • Brian D. Anderson, Milwaukee (2005)
  • Brian D. Anderson, Milwaukee (2004)
  • Diane Gitzlaff, La Crosse (2003)
  • Diane Gitzlaff, La Crosse (2002)
  • Cindy J. Horner, Milwaukee (2001)
  • Shelly R. Stefanczyk, Waukesha (2000)
  • Pamela R. Pelej, Milwaukee (1999)
  • Pamela R. Pelej, Milwaukee (1998)


Purpose:  To coordinate and develop WAJ's continuing legal education programs. 

Spring Seminar

  • Kristin M. Cafferty, Racine
  • Peter M. Young, Rhinelander
  • Sara Sweda, Glendale, Paralegal/Litigation Staff Section

Summer Seminar

  • Kristen S. Scheuerman, Appleton
  • Noah Domnitz, Milwaukee

​​Woman’s Caucus Seminar/Retreat

  • Sarah Kaas, Brookfield
  • Jacqueline Chada Nuckels, Brookfield

Winter Seminar

  • Kristin M. Cafferty, Racine
  • Kristen S. Scheuerman, Appleton
  • Peter M. Young, Rhinelander
  • Sara Sweda, Glendale
  • Elizabeth Cooney, Milwaukee
  • Noah Domnitz, Milwaukee

WAJ liaison - Bryan Roessler, Executive Director, bryan@wisjustice.org

Purpose:  To coordinate publication of The Verdict - published quarterly (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall). 

Kelly Centofanti, Co-Editor, Mequon
J. Michael Riley, Co-Editor, Madison


  • David J. McCormick, Milwaukee
  • Sarah F. Kaas, Brookfield, Women's Caucus
  • Kristen S. Scheurman, Appleton, New Lawyers Section
  • Edward E. Robinson, Brookfield
  • Rachel Bradley, Spring Green
  • Krista LaFave Rosolino, Milwaukee
  • Anthony J. Skemp, Oak Creek
  • Robin Thomas, Milwaukee, Paralegal/Legal Support Staff Section

WAJ liaison, Bryan Roessler, Executive Director, bryan@wisjustice.org


The Injured Patients and Families Compensation Fund’s (Fund) mission is to provide excess medical malpractice coverage to Wisconsin health care providers and to ensure that funds are available to compensate injured patients. The Fund was created by legislative enactment in 1975. Health care providers obtain primary medical malpractice insurance from private insurance companies in an amount required by statute.

The Board is assisted by an Underwriting and Actuarial Committee, a Legal Committee, a Claims Committee, an Investment/Finance and Audit Committee, a Risk Management Committee, and a Peer Review Council. The Board and its committees meet quarterly.

 Board of Governor named by the Wisconsin Association for Justice:

  • M. Angela Dentice, Milwaukee 

WAJ Liaison - Jim Rogers, Government Affairs Director (608) 210-3391 

The WAJ Women's Caucus was created in 2008 to provide greater opportunities for women within WAJ to exchange ideas, formulate programs and network within the profession in an effort to become better advocates for injured consumers.

  Its mission:
  • Advance WAJ’s Mission,
  • Play an instrumental role in WAJ activities including legislative and political efforts, and continuing legal education programs,
  • Broaden the membership base of WAJ to include women by informing them of WAJ’s membership services and Mission,
  • Provide a support system of women lawyers to network, socialize, form professional relationships and develop female leadership for WAJ,
  • Identify and promote women to committees and offices within WAJ,
  • Strive to provide positive role models as women trial lawyers and provide fellowship and mentorship to newly-licensed female lawyers who embark on a career of trial law

Chair, Sarah Kaas, Brookfield  
Vice-Chair, Jacqueline Chada Nuckels, Brookfield

Past Chairs:

  • Christine D. Esser, Sheboygan (2016)
  • Amy F. Scarr, Madison (2015)
  • Jeanne E Bell, Milwaukee (2014)
  • Molly Lavin, Waukesha (2013)
  • Amy M. Risseeuw, Appleton (2012)
  • Linda V. Meagher, Waukesha (2011)
  • Brenda Sunby, Wausau (2010)
  • Jill Rakauski, Racine (2009)

WAJ liaisons - Bryan Roessler, Executive Director, bryan@wisjustice.org
Purpose:  To keep abreast of developments in the worker's compensation area and in protecting the rights of workers under this system.  Members meet periodically to discuss legislation, Worker's Compensation Advisory changes and discuss problems and solutions involved in this area of practice.

Michael H. Gillick, Co-Chair, Milwaukee
Charles F. Domer, Co-Chair, Milwaukee
  • Terence J.  Bouressa, Green Bay
  • Raymond G. Clausen, Madison
  • Dwight D. Darrow, Sheboygan
  • Thomas M. Domer, Milwaukee
  • Peter G. Duffey, Waukesha
  • David M. Erspamer, Amery
  • Patrick J. Gillick, Milwaukee
  • Monika A. Hartl, Milwaukee
  • Steven D. Hitzeman, Green Bay
  • Robert J. Janssen, De Pere
  • Steven M.  Kmiec, Milwaukee
  • Steven G. Kluender, Milwaukee
  • Michael B. Kulkoski, Green Bay
  • Curtiss N. Lein, Hayward
  • Holly Lutz, Wausau
  • Mark P. McGillis, Racine
  • Robert C. Menard, Milwaukee
  • Jason R. Oldenburg, Milwaukee
  • Patricia J. Sandoz, De Pere
  • Scott L. Schroeder, Janesville
  • H. Elizabeth (Liz) Severson
  • Martin D. Stein, Milwaukee
  • Robert T. Ward, Waukesha
  • Jason W. Whitley, Amery
WAJ Liaison - Jim Rogers, Government Affairs Director (608) 210-3391 
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