Wisconsin Civil Justice Education Foundation


Wisconsin Civil Justice Education Foundation, Inc. is established as a not-for-profit organization as described in Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended. 

The mission of the Corporation is to:

  1. Support educational efforts to uphold the Constitution of the United States and the State of Wisconsin.
  2. Promote education and training in the art of advocacy through instructional programs.
  3. Promote the fair, prompt and efficient administration of justice by creating an awareness of the role of our judicial system throughout the State of Wisconsin.
  4. Promote educational efforts to defend and protect the right of trial by jury and the adversary system of justice.
  5. Promote educational efforts to secure and protect the rights of those injured in their persons or civil rights.

WCJEF Legacy Gifts

To contribute to WCJEF - Contact Bryan Roessler 608-210-3390 or by email.

Checks Payable: WCJEF
Mailing Address: 14 West Mifflin Street, Suite 207, Madison, WI 53703


Wisconsin Civil Justice Education Foundation
Officers & Trustees


Kristin M. Cafferty, Chair, Habush, Habush & Rottier, S.C.
Year Elected 2016; Term Ends December 2018


J. Michael End, Vice Chair, End, Hierseman & Crain, LLC
Year Elected 2011; Term Ends December 2018


David J. Lisko, Secretary, Law Offices of David J. Lisko, S.C.
Year Elected 2015; Term Ends December 2018


Bryan Roessler, Treasurer,
Wisconsin Association for Justice




Board of Trustees:

Melissa Fischer, Groth Law Firm SC (Vice Chair, New Lawyers Section)
Year Elected: 2017; Term Ends December 2018

Kristen S/Scheuerman, Herrling Clark Law Firm (Vice Chair Women’s Caucus)
Year Elected:  2017; Term Ends December 2018

Edward E. Robinson, Cannon & Dunphy, SC
Elected: 2002; Term Ends December 2020

Christopher Stawski, McGranaghan & Stawski Ltd
Year Elected: 2002; Term Ends December 2020

Edward J. Vopal, Habush, Habush & Rottier
Year Elected:  2011; Term Ends December 2020

Thadd J. Llaurado, Murphy & Prachthauser, SC
Year Elected: 2002; Term Ends December 2020

Molly Lavin, Habush, Habush & Rottier
Year Elected 2014; Term Ends December 2020

Jeffrey A. Pitman, Pitman, Kyle, Sicula and Dentice
Year Elected:  2013; Term Ends December 2018

Paul Gagliardi, Gagliardi Law, LLP
Year Elected: 2010; Term Ends December 2018

Robert L. Jaskulski, Habush Habush & Rottier
Year Elected: 2007; Term Ends December 2018

Luke J. Chiarelli, Mawicke & Goisman SC
Year Elected 2002; Term Ends December 2018

Christine Bremer Muggli, Bremer & Trollop, SC
Year Elected: 2007; Term Ends December 2019

Allan M. Foeckler, Cannon & Dunphy, SC
Year Elected: 2011; Term Ends December 2019

Jonathan P. Groth, Groth Law Firm SC
Year Elected: 2006; Term Ends December 2019


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