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Plan now to enjoy a mid-summer Friday and Saturday in beautiful Door County. CLE will be offered on Friday and Saturday mornings with afternoons left open for you, your family and friends to enjoy Door County.

WAJ has reserved a block of rooms at The Landmark Resort, 7643 Hillside Rd., Egg Harbor, WI. Please make your reservations directly with the hotel at (800) 273-7877. Please specify you are with the “Trial Lawyers” to receive the WAJ group rate. Visit to view our special room rates and amenities.

CLE Reporting

The Wisconsin Association for Justice applies for CLE credit with the Wisconsin Board of Bar Examiners and the Minnesota Board of Continuing Legal Education for each of its five annual seminars. To verify CLE approval for any WAJ seminar, click here. To request a certificate of attendance for CLE being applied for outside of Wisconsin, click here.














The award-winning HBO documentary “Hot Coffee” – a film about the 1992 McDonald’s coffee case and the coordinated corporate attacks on our civil justice system is avialable on DVD and NetFlix.





P911 - My Dad Can't Drive - LOL!*

*(parent emergency - my dad can't drive - laugh out loud!)


Christopher Stombaugh, President   


Nineteen-year-old Austin Wierschke of Rhinelander is the Aaron Rodgers of texting.


Twice a world champion in speed texting, Austin is passionately opposed to texting or talking on the phone while driving. Three years ago Austin's older brother, Jordan, rolled the family vehicle while reaching for something in the back. Jordan walked away from the crash but the family was changed forever.


"You're not just risking your life by texting or talking in the car," said Austin, "you're putting everyone in your car at risk and anyone who is near you."


The dangers of distracted driving won't surprise anyone but there are thousands of people nationwide dying every year in preventable accidents. What might surprise you is that parents are the single biggest influence on our teens driving habits.


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What if there were no lawyers?

Our lawyers aThumbnailre good.

We're the people you turn to when you've been hurt in an accident or you need help in fighting for your legal rights.

Click on his honor and try to imagine a world without lawyers representing your legal rights.  Even you, Bart Simpson.

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Curious about the civil justice system and why it should matter to you? The American Association for Justice has a new website which will show  you why the system is important and how all of us are losing rights to corporate attacks every day.

Check the following features:

Understanding Auto Insurance - Ask the Right Questions Before You Buy

Understanding Auto Insurance is a handy guide to help Wisconsin drivers protect themselves with the right insurance coverage.

The brochure will help you understand the coverage you are required to carry in Wisconsin as well as evaluating the benefits of optional coverage. It also has consumer tips on the best questions to ask your insurance agent whether you are renewing coverage or shopping for a new policy.

Be sure to read the section on, "phantom motor vehicles," which are drivers who report fake accidents with insured drivers as part of a scam to commit insurance fraud.

If you prefer, you can also check out Understanding Auto Insurance online by clicking here.

Understanding Auto Insurance. Forewarned is forearmed.



Wisconsin Association for Justice is a Proud Supporter of the Public News Service

Since 2005, the Wisconsin Association for Justice, through the Wisconsin Civil Justice Education Foundation, has been a proud sponsor of the Wisconsin Public News Service (PNS).

Unlike most news outlets, PNS covers stories that are truly in the public interest. Recent stories include reports on the often unknown dangers of generic drugs, and how trial lawyers found the evidence that led to a massive recalls of GM automobiles.

Each story has a link to its specific podcast which makes for easy forwarding to friends and colleagues. Check back often to hear the latest podcasts from the Wisconsin Public News Service and the Wisconsin Association for Justice.  Click here to use this free service.