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The award-winning HBO documentary “Hot Coffee” – a film about the 1992 McDonald’s coffee case and the coordinated corporate attacks on our civil justice system is available on DVD and Netflix.




When Social Media and the Law Collide

By: Ann S. Jacobs, President, Wisconsin Association for Justice
As a trial lawyer, my job is to fight for my clients both in court and outside. “Outside,” these days often means online as well. Hire me, or one of my colleagues, for our legal acumen and you’ll likely end up with a new Facebook friend.

My husband and I have had endless conversations with our teenage daughters about the perils of social media. “The Internet is forever,” is our mantra. Facebook just recently hit one billion users on a single day and that doesn’t even taken into account the dozens of other smaller, by comparison, social media websites. The kids, I suspect, get it.  Adults I’m not so sure.

You should care about your online life because it can come back to haunt you. If you’re involved in a lawsuit, brace yourself for the inevitable subpoena demanding to review your postings. In March, a court ordered a rape victim to turn over every photograph, status update, or message she ever posted. The woman had sued claiming she had lost the “enjoyment of life.” Defense lawyers claimed her postings showed her engaging in various activities, like rock climbing, telling a different story. To continue reading

Medical Study: Diagnosis wrong too often, urgent improvements needed

It is a frightening statistic. Most of us will experience at least one wrong or delayed diagnosis at some point our lives. The Institute of Medicine made headlines in the 90's when they estimated as many 98,000 people die annually because of preventable medical mistakes in hospitals. That's compounded now with news of a stunning number of errors that may be happening at the diagnostic stage.

For patients, especially in Wisconsin, it's more evidence of why all of us have to take more responsibility for our own care. Here in Wisconsin, one of the weaknesses is a malpractice law that does nothing to support patient rights.

 Follow this link to an interview with the former President of the Wisconsin Association for Justice, Chris Stombaugh, on why the state's malpractice law is so sadly lacking.


The Power Of Justice

CNN's Michael Smerconish recently aired a compelling commentary on the civil justice system.

Using the GM case as a springboard, Smerconish showed how the Melton family - who lost their daughter in a crash - turned to the courts to find justice both for their family and their daughter.

Smerconish referred to the civil justice system as a check on free enterprise especially when profits take a back seat to safety.

As he so aptly put's all about accountability.