September is Juror Appreciation Month

By Racine News Team

Madison, WI - The Wisconsin Association for Justice (WAJ) joins others in celebrating September as Juror Appreciation Month. The justice system is the cornerstone of our nation – maintaining order in society. That system relies on the participation of citizens from all walks of life who serve as jurors.

"With so much rhetoric going around these days relating to the role of lawyers and judges you would think that they are the only ones involved in the dispensing of justice, but you would be wrong. Our justice system has at its heart the right to be judged by a jury of your peers and potentially that puts you at the center of the whole process," explained WAJ President Mark Thomsen.

Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson said, "The right to a jury trial is a fundamental component of the American and Wisconsin justice systems. The willingness of Wisconsin residents to serve as jurors is critical to preserving this right."

So it is appropriate and deserving that the Wisconsin Court System and the State Bar of Wisconsin have joined together to acknowledge the contribution of jurors – our friends, family and neighbors – by designating September as juror appreciation month.

The role of a juror is crucial as it ensures fairness in the justice system. The courtroom is a place where no party should have an advantage over another. It is a place where everyday people can take on the most powerful wrongdoers to seek justice and accountability. In a courtroom both sides make their case to a jury of their peers and trust their judgment as the facts are weighed and the truth is sought.

Only through the service of ordinary citizens can criminals be put behind bars, corporations be held accountable for wrongdoing and justice be delivered to thousands of families throughout Wisconsin.

WAJ through its charitable foundation, the Wisconsin Civil Justice Education Foundation, assists in helping jurors understand their role in the justice system by producing and sending thousands of informational brochures to courthouses across the state for distribution to those selected as jurors. To view the brochure online go to

"On behalf of the Wisconsin Association for Justice, our members and the entire legal community I extend my sincere gratitude to everyone who has served on a jury, and to all those who will," concluded Thomsen.

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