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Milwaukee Attorney Honored for Trying Tough Cases

Randy Rozek Delivered Justice for Client with Life-Changing Injuries


January 10, 2017 (Madison) Milwaukee Trial Lawyer Randy Rozek named 2016 Robert L. Habush Trial Lawyer of the Year. Attorney Rozek received the award at the Presidents' Reception and Dinner on Friday, December 2, 2016 in Milwaukee. The event was hosted by incoming WAJ President Benjamin S. Wagner of Milwaukee and outgoing WAJ President Russell T. Golla of Stevens Point. 

Attorney Rozek is the founder of Rozek Law Office, S.C. in Milwaukee. His practice focuses on representing children and adults suffering from catastrophic, life-changing injuries and he specializes in Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation. In addition to practicing in Milwaukee, he represents clients nationwide. 

Rozek received the award for taking on challenging cases.In May of 2016, a Milwaukee County jury awarded his client, then 21-years old, over $7 million to compensate for injuries he suffered in a truck v. bicycle accident the client suffered when he was nine. 

Randy was undaunted by the unique difficulty he faced  when taking this case. His client suffered the severe brachial plexus (arm and shoulder) injury while riding his bicycle on a rural road. Even at aged nine, he was an experienced cyclist and he was accompanied on the ride by family.  He was struck by a pick-up truck at an intersection, leading to his injuries. His client was forced to endure a dozen years of pain and suffering, including multiple surgeries as he awaited his opportunity to tell his story in court.

"Our client had to go through 8 surgeries in the years following the injury. At one point, he asked the surgeon if he could just remove the left arm," Rozek said. 

"At the time of trial, our client had endured 12 years of pain, suffering, disability and disfigurement," Rozek said, "At trial, his mother, our first witness, testified that today Sean's arm looks like that of a 9-year-old but it's on the body of a 21-year-old." Sean's life was forever impacted, but he never wavered when it was his turn to testify.

"Randy has shown he is willing to try tough cases. We are all grateful for his perseverance and dedication," said WAJ President, Attorney Benjamin S. Wagner of Milwaukee. 

Wagner continued, "The civil jury trial is a Constitutional right that must be championed and protected in our society. By availing ourselves of our constitutional rights, as Randy has demonstrated, we ensure that the rights we cherish do not atrophy and that they remain robust tools for delivering justice." 

"We give this award because we celebrate the responsible use of our civil justice system to achieve justice for our clients," Wagner concluded. 

Rozek is the 17th recipient of the Wisconsin Trail Lawyer of the Year Award. The Robert L. Habush Trial Lawyer Of The Year Award was created in 2000 to recognize a Wisconsin trial lawyer who had made significant contributions to the trial bar by handling a case involving significant change in the law; prosecuting a precedent setting or extraordinarily challenging case; or by donating time advocating for injured consumers. 

The award was presented at Wisconsin Association for Justice's annual Winter Conference and President's Dinner at the Pfister Hotel. 

The Wisconsin Association for Justice was founded in 1957. As the largest statewide voluntary bar association, it's mission is ensuring a fair and effective judicial system and the protection of the Constitutional right to a civil jury trial.

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